Bubble Up Your Business: How Neurospicy Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Burnout and Prioritize Self-Care

Do you want to achieve sustainable success as an entrepreneur- without sacrificing fun and self-care?

I bet you’re ready to unlock your full potential and overcome burnout- ending the cycle of people-pleasing and overthinking for good.

As a business owner, burnout can be a real challenge. But, for those with ADHD, traditional productivity methods may not be enough to help you overcome it.

That’s why it’s time to build your bubble – a safe and supportive environment that allows you to rest and be productive on a new level.

The truth is, you can’t work your way out of burnout. And you can’t afford to just stop working, especially if you’re a business owner.

So what can you do? It’s time to build your bubble!

Your bubble is a safe and supportive environment that allows you to rest and be productive on a new level that doesn’t sacrifice self-care.

Here’s how to build your bubble and overcome burnout:

  1. Acknowledge the problem: The first step to overcoming burnout is to acknowledge that it’s a real problem. Burnout is not a badge of honor – it’s a sign that something needs to change. Take a step back and assess your situation. What’s causing the burnout? What can you do to change it? For example, let’s say you’re an service provider (coach, consultant, wellness practitioner, etc.) who’s been feeling burned out lately. You’ve been taking on too many projects, working long hours, and neglecting your self-care. You’ve noticed that your mental health is suffering, and you’re starting to dread working on tasks that used to excite you.

  2. Prioritize self-care: Self-care is not selfish. It’s essential. When you prioritize self-care, you’re not only taking care of yourself, but also your business. Make self-care a non-negotiable part of your daily life, whether it’s taking breaks, practicing mindfulness, or engaging in activities that bring you joy. For our service provider, this might mean taking a break from client calls for a few hours each day to go for a walk, meditate, or do some yoga. It might also mean setting boundaries with clients and not taking on more work than you can handle.

  3. Set realistic goals: Many people who experience burnout tend to overcommit and take on too much at once. It’s important to set realistic goals that align with your strengths and values. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small they may seem. For our service provider, this might mean setting a goal of completing two pieces of social media content per day, rather than four. By setting realistic goals, you can avoid overwhelm and feel more accomplished when you reach them.

  4. Create a system that works for you: While traditional productivity methods emphasize strict schedules and routines, your bubble may require more flexibility and creativity. Experiment with different standard operating procedures and find what works for you, whether it’s working in short bursts, breaking tasks into smaller steps, or using visual aids and reminders. Our service provider might find that working in shorter, focused bursts helps her stay productive without feeling overwhelmed. She might also try breaking her content into smaller tasks, such as outlining, filming, and editing to make them more manageable.

  5. Build a support network: Running a business can be lonely and stressful. Surround yourself with people who understand and support you, whether it’s through online communities, coaching, or therapy. For our service provider, this might mean joining an online community where she can connect with other creators and service providers and get support and feedback on her work.

By building your bubble, you can create a sustainable and fulfilling business that allows you to be your authentic self. And if you’re struggling with burnout, you don’t have to do it alone.

As a coach specialized in helping business owners build their bubble, I can offer you personalized support and strategies to help you overcome burnout and prioritize self-care.

You don’t have to wait- book your 1:1 coaching call now by clicking here.

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