Here from my enchanting clients

I believe in the magic of mindset transformation. Our clients have experienced the enchanted power of working with me to overcome burnout, stress, and limiting beliefs.

From building self-compassion to unlocking their true potential, my clients have achieved incredible results through my personalized coaching approach. Don't just take my word for it - hear from the enchanted clients who have worked with me to transform their mindset and their lives.

Melanie is unparalleled at what she does

As an ADHD coach, I knew I needed someone who understood my brain and how I could run my business in the way that honors my unique needs. I have worked with Melanie for a short time, and she has shown me how I could better align my business with my ADHD almost immediately.

She provides tangible direction on how to improve my social media organically to better service others! I look forward to the work we will do together! If you want someone who understands business, the neurospicy brain, and is passionate about her client’s success, Melanie is unparalleled at what she does.

Kristina Proctor / Neurodivergent Ventures

She Makes Mindset Work Feel Like a Magical Adventure...

Melanie is a magical unicorn! In just 6 months, she has helped me banish burnout, slay stress, and conquer my limiting beliefs. 

Now, I'm a total energy boss, setting boundaries like a pro, and handling curveballs like a superhero. But the real magic is in the self-compassion and grace I've learned to give myself. It's like my coach sprinkled fairy dust on me!

She's always there when I need her, with her supportive, uplifting energy and total belief in my potential. If you want a coach who can make the mindset work feel like a magical adventure, Melanie is the one for you!

Christina (Blue) Hooper / Happily-Ever-After Biz Guide

10/10 highly recommend

The trajectory of life as I know it, has completely shifted. I learned I was blind masking, stimming and also very close to burnout from a life I thought I needed to escape. Being energetically aligned now, 1 month in, I find myself in consistent shock of how much I can actually do in a day! I started my journey just like you, peeking in, listening from a distance and deciding if this was for me.

I then joined the ADHD Entrepreneur Support Group, scheduled a 1 on 1 call with Melanie and started tracking my energy cycles with the energy tracker she built!! I am now in a 'container' with Melanie, which means we meet weekly, review my goals, dreams and she helps me move the blockages I didn't even know I was using to hamper my own success. I have 24/7 access to a private message her, and talk through my own questions. When I am on the right path, she tells me. When I am veering from that path, she gently points it out 😀 and I don't feel chastised or judged!! 10/10 highly recommend 👌

Tara Behrens / Octane

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